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  • Here's when you should get rid of some common beauty products. What’s the shelf life of my beauty products?

    Though it's not common to see an expiration date on your tube of mascara or jar of foundation, most beauty products do go bad. Not only will they be less effective after they've gone bad, but they can and do pick up bacteria that cause irritation and breakouts on your skin. Not to mention, being stored in a warm, humid environment like a bathroom can promote even more bacteria growth along with a potential for mold and yeast. So how long is too long to keep each type of makeup around? Take a look at the shelf life of some of the most common beauty products:

    Foundation and concealer
    If you use a liquid foundation, it's a good idea to toss it after about six to 12 months. During this time frame, the formula will likely start to separate, and you may see a slight change in color or feel like it looks streaky when applied. Powder foundations typically last much longer, but you should make sure to do some research. While most last for around two years, powders with botanical extracts (like aloe, bamboo or jojoba) have some water in them which could potentially cause them to grow bacteria. Liquid and powder concealer will follow the same rules as foundation, and stick concealer should be tossed after about two years. 

    Blush and bronzer
    Powder blush and bronzer can be safely used for up to two years, but it's best to get rid of cream products after just one. If the products come into contact with moisture or oils (say, from your fresh foundation that you're applying blush over), they may be more likely to grow bacteria and will need to be tossed sooner. 

    Compared to other products, mascara has a relatively short shelf life of about three months. That's because it collects a lot of bacteria during use which can be really harmful to the eye. Plus the dark, cool and humid tube of makeup is the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Things like pink eye, sties, redness and irritation can be a byproduct of too-old mascara, so it's best to be pretty cognizant of tossing it when needed. You should also get rid of mascara when it becomes dry, clumpy or begins to smell.

    Eyeliner and eye shadow
    Like with mascara, liquid eyeliner should be replaced often – every three months – to avoid bacteria coming into contact with your eyes. Pencil eyeliner and powder eye shadow can be used for one to two years. To extend the life of your pencil eye liner, be sure to sharpen it often to get rid of bacteria lurking on the tip. 

    It's best to replace your lipstick and lip gloss after one year, since they are exposed to your mouth, which hosts a lot of bacteria. Like eyeliner, lip liner can be used for up to two years safely. 

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  • Here are the top most talked-about looks from the 87th Academy Awards. Top 5 2015 Oscars looks everyone is talking about

    The 87th Academy Awards were a spectacular and hilarious show, emceed by the reigning king of award shows: Neil Patrick Harris. Harris has hosted several award shows, including four times at the Tony Awards and twice at the Emmys, and his first time as an Oscars host showed some amazing talent and comedy chops. The night included poignant speeches from Patricia Arquette and Common, an underwear-clad Neil Patrick Harris (more on that later), and big wins for "Birdman" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel." But it also included some really interesting fashion and beauty choices from the stars who attended. If you're considering enrolling in cosmetology programs, it's important to be on top of style and makeup trends. So, here's a breakdown of some of the most talked-about fashions from this year's Oscars:

    1. Marion Cotillard
    The Oscars red carpet showcased some beautiful gowns, but not many made as much of a statement as Marion Cotillard's Dior Haute Couture dress. Cotillard, who was nominated for her work in "Two Days, One Night," is known for her fashion-forward red carpet choices, but this one was especially daring. The white eyelet gown's gathered bustle-type detail in the back made it truly stand out from the other white dresses at the event. Cotillard's sleek side-parted hair and classic makeup rounded out the look. 

    2. Lupita Nyong'o
    ​Speaking of white dresses, Lupita Nyong'o's custom Calvin Klein creation was shimmering, elegant and detailed – the gown had over 6,000 pearls! Nyong'o, who won an Oscar last year for "12 Years a Slave" is another star known for her gorgeous red carpet looks, and she didn't disappoint. The gown's plunging keyhole cutout and open back added even more visual interest, and the star's bright lips and silver smokey eye complemented the dress beautifully.

    3. Neil Patrick Harris
    As host of the show, Harris had several costume changes, including one where he seemingly accidentally locked himself out of his dressing room and walked onstage in just his white briefs. The bit was an homage to "Birdman," and has had everyone talking about it since. Among Harris's other looks were perfectly tailored tuxedos from Valentino, Dunhill and more. 

    4. Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga stunned everyone twice this year. Her first big moment was on the red carpet in a sparkling white Azzedine Alaïa gown with red gloves. Gaga's relatively reserved look was tied together well with bright red lips and a sleek ponytail. However, it was on stage during her "Sound of Music" tribute that Lady Gaga really shined. Her performance was stunning, and her ethereal white ball gown and long wavy hair added to the overall amazing moment.

    5. Rosamund Pike
    Vivid red gowns were all over the red carpet this year, with stars like Dakota Johnson, Sophie Hunter and Giuliana Rancic all wearing the vibrant hue. However, Rosamund Pike of "Gone Girl" stole the show in a gorgeous Givenchy floral dress that hugged Pike's figure. Her pale pink lips and soft updo let the dress shine. 

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  • Deep tissue and Swedish massages have different benefits. What’s the difference between deep-tissue and Swedish massages?

    Massage therapy provides many amazing benefits for the body and mind, but there are several different styles of massage, all of which have unique advantages. Two of the most common styles of massage are Swedish and deep-tissue massages. Though both have some great benefits, they have different objectives and methods. Here's how Swedish and deep tissue massages differ:

    Swedish massage, also called classic massage, is what most people think of when they hear the word "massage." It targets the soft tissues of the body through different techniques like rubbing, stroking, kneading and percussion like rhythmic pounding and chopping. 

    Deep-tissue massage is slightly different in that it targets the deeper tissues, or fascia, of the body. In fact, deep-tissue massage typically targets specific problem areas or injuries with deep and more intense slow strokes and pressure that can sometimes feel uncomfortable (though never painful). Although muscle relief is apparent after a deep-tissue massage, many people also feel slightly sore for the next one or two days because of the intensity of the pressure.

    Both styles of massage have clear benefits for the body and mind. Swedish massage is said to improve circulation of oxygen within the blood. It's also known to decrease muscle tension and offers pain relief, relaxation and even stress relief. 

    Deep-tissue massage provides many similar benefits, like improving circulation and decreasing muscle pain and soreness, but it also specifically treats chronically pained muscles, injuries or knots. Because of its success in treating injuries and chronic pain, many athletes use deep-tissue massage to heal from sports injuries or help their muscles recover after marathons or hard workouts. 

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