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  • How to keep your skin looking youthful. Tips for keeping skin youthful as you age

    If you're considering becoming an esthetician you probably already know that products and salon services that have anti-aging effects are some of the most popular in the beauty industry. Understanding different ways to keep skin looking youthful can be beneficial for people who are interested in esthetics training, so take a look at these ways that you can keep your skin looking young while aging:

    Keep skin protected
    Using skin products that protect against sun exposure is the absolute best way to keep your skin looking young and healthy for as long as possible. A little bit of exposure can help your skin produce vitamin D, which is a good thing, but your skin can really take a hit if it's unprotected for too long. Find a moisturizer with SPF and use mineral makeup to block UV rays. Also, when you know you'll be in the sun for long periods of time, use sunscreen and wear sunglasses and hats. Sunglasses will protect the thin skin around your eyes and also keep you from squinting which causes wrinkles.

    Adjust your diet
    Being healthy in general is important, because weight and diet fluctuations really affect the skin's health and elasticity, but there are specific ways to adjust your diet so that your skin continues to appear youthful:

    • Drink more water so that your skin stays naturally hydrated and moisturized rather than just relying on your moisturizer.
    • Eat less sugar – sweet treats can reduce the effectiveness of the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin, leaving it wrinkly or saggy​.
    • Eat more antioxidant-rich foods – antioxidants like those found in berries, nuts and leafy greens are great for all-over health, but they also help to reduce the inflammation that leads to wrinkles.
    • Eat more foods with vitamin C – researchers have found a direct link between diets high in vitamin C and higher collagen production.

    A gentle exfoliation 2 to 3 times per week will not only leave your skin fresh-looking, but your anti-aging products will be able to absorb deeper into your skin as well. Many skin care professionals recommend a series of treatments which will make the skin more supple and radiant.

    Apply face products on your neck and décolleté as well
    These are two of the first places that show aging, so don't forget to show them some love when applying anti-aging products.

    Use serums
    Serums cut out the oils and other moisturizing agents found in beauty creams and lotions, so they're left with only the necessary active ingredients to improve your skin's health. Serums contain very concentrated anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants and peptides and absorb quickly into the skin and start working immediately.

  • Hair removal for men is becoming more popular. Is hair removal something men should consider?

    Today, hair removal consists of much more than women waxing and plucking away unwanted hairs. Now, we have manscaping, or male grooming, which you'll find is a growing trend if you start esthetics school. From the chest to the back, men are giving hair removal a second thought.

    "Most men don't necessarily want it all removed, but increasingly they do want it thinned out," dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg told WebMD.

    Chances are, as you begin your career, you'll have both male and female clients interested in different hair removal treatments, though some men may still be skeptical of the practice.

    It's unacceptable for men (or anyone, really) to simply roll out of bed and head to work, a date or an outing with friends. Now, women, co-workers and even friends expect and appreciate men who are well groomed. And as friends, girlfriends and pop culture make more convincing arguments for this trend, an increasing number of men are trying out hair removal.

    Here are some compelling reasons for men to jump on the grooming bandwagon and consider hair removal:

    Look clean and put together
    No one would go too long without taking a shower (we hope!). Similarly, men can take advantage of hair removal to improve a polished look. Whether it's getting his eyebrows or unibrow waxed, his facial hair trimmed or his chest hair removed, manscaping can make a man feel and look more put together.

    It's cooler
    When it comes to temperature, it's understandable that being covered in hair from head to toe is bound to make men hot. For guys who are looking to cool off, hair removal will help them stay cool.

    It might boost confidence
    Like anyone, having excessive body hair might make a man feel self-conscious or lower his self-esteem. In this case, hair removal – whether it's taming eyebrows or waxing back and chest hair – can help a man feel more confident and improve his overall mood.

  • It's important to take care of your skin if you spend a lot of time working, relaxing or exercising outdoors. Skin care tips for working outside

    Spending time outside is important, whether you're working, exercising or just relaxing. However, you can't forget to take extra precautions to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays. As you'll learn in an esthetics program, damage to your skin from the sun, wind and other elements can cause dryness, irritation, wrinkles and health issues such as cancer that can negatively impact your quality of life.

    Let's take a look at how to help keep your skin glowing and youthful after spending time outside:

    Always wear sun protection
    You know that you should wear sunscreen if you hit the beach or the pool during the summer months, but did you realize that the sun's harmful rays can affect your skin all year long, rain or shine? Because of this, it's imperative that you wear broad spectrum UVA and UVB protective sunscreen 365 days a year on any part of your skin that's exposed. Princeton University's health care services suggests that you apply at least SPF 15, but SPF 30 or higher will offer longer protection. If you're outdoors for several hours, make sure you are reapplying your sunscreen according to the manufacturer's directions.

    Understand your surroundings
    Your location will determine how much you need to protect your skin from the sun. Did you know that UV rays bounce off sand, concrete, water, snow and lightly colored surfaces? UVA rays even penetrate through the windows of our cars!  So take extra precautions to ensure that your skin is being fully protected, even if you only have a 10 minute drive to work.

    Protective Clothing 
    When choosing your outfit for outdoor work or exercise, consider options that will offer protection from the sun, wind, cold, and heat. Wide-brimmed hats, UV-protected sunglasses, long pants and long-sleeve shirts go a long way to protecting you. According to, choosing closely-woven clothing that UV rays can't penetrate is your best option to preventing skin damage. There are numerous online Sun Protection Clothing outlets offering lightweight SPF 50+ clothing items.

    Wash away the day
    After a long day in the sun you'll want to shower soon after arriving home to wash away all the accumulation of the day's debris. Leaving even trace amounts of impurities on your skin will be sure to clog pores, which can lead to breakouts on any part of the body. Be sure to choose the correct products, separate face and body washes, toners, and tonics that are gentle on the skin. And most importantly: Don't forget to moisturize! Moisturizing is an important step in a skin care routine for both your face and the rest of your body. It's a good idea to apply a face moisturizer in the morning and at night after washing your face and a body lotion after each shower.

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