Play relaxing music while giving a massage.

If you're considering enrolling in massage therapy training, you may already know it's important to provide a relaxing environment for your clients. Massage therapy school is a great place to learn all about massage practice and techniques, but if you're interested in learning more, here's a guide for choosing the best music to set a relaxing tone during your massage sessions:

Let them decide
Everyone is different, so make sure you talk to your clients first about their music preferences, and keep different kinds of music handy just in case. Some people unwind best when there's no music at all, so give them that option as well. 

Lower the tone
High notes can be jarring at worst and distracting at best, so it's a good idea to find music with a lower tone. While smooth jazz is OK, steer clear of jazz or blues improvisation tracks where musicians play high notes on flutes and saxophones.

Slow the tempo
Music can energize or relax depending on how fast or slow the tempo. For massage therapy, it's best to use music with a much slower tempo so that your client can loosen up. Interestingly, calmer tempos can actually cause the heart rate to slow down, causing natural relaxation.

Be careful with words
Words and lyrics can also be distracting. People listening to words sometimes begin to focus on them, rather than letting the music fade into the background. Again, this should be based on your client's preference, but if you do have one that prefers music with lyrics, try to find songs from singers with soothing voices. Annie Lennox and Norah Jones are two examples of artists who have lower and more relaxing voices.

Keep the volume down
Some people like to lose themselves in loud music, but loud music, no matter what it is, can also be a distraction. It's best to play music at a lower volume so that it remains a soothing part of the background environment.

Ask your peers
If you're running out of ideas for good music to play, check in with your peers in massage therapy training. They probably have some good songs that you haven't heard of, and you'll likely be able to give them some music to incorporate into their selection as well. 

Hold the ocean sounds
Many people fall asleep to nature sounds, and it's common for people to relax to water sounds, like waterfalls, rain storms or ocean waves. If this is your client's preference, that's OK, but keep in mind that water sounds can cause the brain to induce the urge to answer a "nature call." They'll tense up and find it hard to let go completely, so try to keep the water sounds to a minimum.

Aim for long songs
Though it's not the end of the world, long breaks between songs can cause an interruption in the atmosphere. Try to find longer songs so there are fewer breaks between songs, and if you can, consider finding CDs or other ways to play music where the time between the songs is a little less noticeable. 

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