• Sunscreen year-round: It’s a must

    Who doesn't want to have youthful, glowing healthy looking skin? In order to get that, we need to maintain proper skin care year-round.

    Esthetics training points out the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer to minimize yo(Read More...)

    Written by Robert Pedraza on August 27, 2014
  • Top 6 fall makeup trends

    Makeup trends, colors and styles change from season to season and year to year, and as a leader in this industry you'll definitely want to be on the cusp of what's in, which you'll learn more about in cosmetology training. It's always(Read More...)

    Written by Robert Pedraza on August 27, 2014
  • Seasons Greetings from Marinello Schools of Beauty

    Marinello wishes all our students and staff the very best during the holiday season. It's a time to be thankful for the good people and opportunities in our life.  And it's also a time to be grateful for the good people and opportunities that will come our way.   An excellent way to prepare for those future opportunities is through educ(Read More...)

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  • How Can You Tell If a Cosmetology School Will Be a Good Fit?

    If you have serious dreams of launching a beauty career, then attending a beauty college is a must. However, there are a number of things that you should know before choosing a cosmetology school. First, decide what's important and what a beauty school should offer you. These things will be benefits like accredited programs and a curriculum that ad(Read More...)

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  • Are You Looking for a Career That Never Goes Out of Style?

    Are you looking for a career that never goes out of style? Can you see yourself training for a job that can't be outsourced to another country or taken over by a machine? If such a career sounds impossible, it's not! Marinello Schools of Beauty has the career solution you've been looking for. At Marinello, you can train for a beauty career in Cosme(Read More...)

    Written by Robert Pedraza on November 25, 2013
  • Guest Speaker – Marinello Schools of Beauty

    If you're a beauty industry professional, you have a world of valuable information to share with students. At Marinello, we believe in tapping into the experience and knowledge of individuals outside the classroom. Even though our instructors are talented, knowledgeable and ranked among the industry's best, we think it benefits our students to shar(Read More...)

    Written by Robert Pedraza on November 18, 2013
  • Student Success Tools

    The very fact that you're attending, or have decided to attend Marinello Schools of Beauty is a step toward future success.  At Marinello, you can expect a quality education that is respected and valued by the beauty industry. As a result, Marinello's Career Services department is totally committed to helping our students find success in the beaut(Read More...)

    Written by Robert Pedraza on November 18, 2013
  • Raw Talent Scholarship Competition

    If you’re a high school senior, and you have dreams of becoming a beauty professional, Marinello Schools of Beauty offers you a chance to win a scholarship through its Raw Talent Scholarship Competition. Entering and winning are a chance for you to pursue an education that can lead to your dream career.   It's easy to enter:   (Read More...)

    Written by Robert Pedraza on November 12, 2013
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  • Career Services at Marinello Schools of Beauty

    When you attend Marinello Schools of Beauty, you can count on Career Services being there from the day you enroll until the day you graduate and beyond. Marinello knows that your education is the first part of the journey.

    Without the right education, it would be near impossible to realize a dream career in the beauty industry.


    What Is Career Services All About?


    Just think of our Career Services department as a dedicated tool that is there to help you make the most of your Marinello education. Your time at Marinello will go quick, but you have plenty of time to educate yourself about every available resource offered.


    Here’s what you can expect from Career Services:


    • Involvement in workshops that include mock interviews. Mock interviews are extremely helpful because they can help prepare you for the real thing. You can get tips and pointers on how to dress, anticipate and answer questions, the proper handshake, eye contact and body language. Career Services will also work hard to help you improve your cover letter and resume, and develop a complete job-search process.
    • Help in developing effective customer service skills. Career Services will help you develop your ability to communicate and engage with your clients. Your salon and customer services skills are equally important for your success. You learn how to make your services enjoyable for your clients.
    • Help in putting together an impressive portfolio. Your professional portfolio can be one of the most important pieces of your professional presentation. Your portfolio is a visible example of your work over time, and demonstrates what you have learned. It can easily show others at a glance what you do.

    Here are a few tips on how to put together an awesome cosmetology portfolio:


    • Variety, Variety, Variety – You want your portfolio to be eye-popping. Make an impact to showcase your skills and creativity to potential clients or employers. It is a good idea to start taking photos while enrolled in your program. This way, evidence of your skills will be readily available.
    • Hire a Photographer – This does not mean you have to hire the most expensive photographer around. There are good photographers willing to work within your budget. Make sure your pictures have high resolution and good lighting. Make it a point to take quality pictures if you cannot afford a photographer.
    • Buy a Scrapbook or Binder – The choice of cardstock is up to you. There are numerous ways you can make your portfolio enticing using tabs, pens, dividers or notecards. The professionals and alums at Marinello are glad to help with suggestions and ideas.
    • Get Your Portfolio Online – If it is possible, place your portfolio online. This can help make your portfolio are more accessible and visible to interested employers. Include an attractive photo gallery with high-quality images and short, concise descriptions of your work.
    • Update Your Portfolio Periodically – As you know, styles and trends constantly change. Keep your portfolio up-to-date with industry changes. Clients will be happy to know that you can cut any style of hair.

    No matter what your program at Marinello, there are dedicated Career Services people who can help you take your dreams of success to the next level. Get the tips and tools you need to succeed.


    Contact Marinello today to find a cosemotology school located near you. Call today at 888-434-6989.



  • Best Cosmetology Schools in Connecticut – Marinello Schools of Beauty

    If you like the idea of earning a living by helping others look and feel beautiful, cosmetology training might just be what is needed to help turn your dreams into a reality. Despite slumps in the economy, hair dressing services are virtually recession-proof. People like to look and feel good and will usually cut back on other expenses before cutting back on personal grooming.


    There are a number of cosmetology schools in Connecticut that offer training and support needed to help you prepare for a career in the beauty industry. When you attend Marinello Schools of Beauty, you can count on a dedicated effort by our Career Services team to help you qualify for the entry-level job of your dreams.


    Career Opportunities


    Upon graduation, and depending on your coursework, you may have the skills and confidence  to:


    • Work in a Beauty salon or own and manage your own salon one day. Owning your own business can give you the freedom and pride of being in control of your own destiny.
    • Become a makeup artist or hair stylist. Imagine the feeling of knowing that your skills will always be in demand and that while businesses may close locally for any reason, your job can never be outsourced to another country.
    • Start a career in the entertainment industry where you may become a manicurist, hairstylist or makeup artist.
    • Become a representative that sells beauty products and services. Prepare for a rewarding career at Marinello.
    • You may be able to advance your career as as instructor, depending on your experience and available job openings.
    • Find employment on a cruise ship, where you can get paid while doing while working in a field you love.

    With a number of school locations in Connecticut, there is a good chance that a Marinello campus is near you.


    • Best Cosmetology Schools in East Hartford - Our East Hartford campus is located on Main Street (U.S. Route 5) between Connecticut Boulevard and Burnside Avenue. The campus is easily accessible from the Hartford metro area. Students can learn in a stimulating and fun educational environment.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Enfield - Our Enfield campus is one of the top-ranked beauty colleges in Hartford County. Our campus is located in the Enfield Plaza shopping center on historic Enfield Street (U.S. Route 5) north of Elm Street (Connecticut Route 220) and accessible from all locations in the Hartford Metro area.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Fairfield - The Fairfield campus is easily accessible from all locations in the Bridgeport-Stamford metro area. The campus is located on Kings Highway, East, close to Jennings Road. The Fairfield campus Student Salon and Spa are located close by at the corner of Kings Highway East and Berwick Avenue. There is a whirlwind of activities for students to engage in.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Hamden - Our Hamden campus is centrally located in the Putnam Plaza shopping center, Dixwell Avenue (Connecticut Route 10) at Putnam Avenue. Its location makes it easily accessible from all parts of the New Haven metro area. Students can practice their craft and build skills at special events and outreach programs within the community.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Meriden - The Meriden campus is located on East Main Street, east of Interstate 91, and is easily reached from any location in the New Haven metro.  Students attend and enjoy flexible class schedules, placemen assistance and help with finding financial aid to pay for school. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Niantic -The Niantic campus is located on Pennsylvania Avenue (Connecticut Route 161) north of Main Street (Connecticut Route 156). Its location makes it easy to reach from all points in the Norwich-New London metro area. At any moment the campus is alive with activity with students going about their business of getting to and from classrooms. One might at fist think that life moves at a leisurely pace at this quaint, beachside vicinity.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Torrington- Our Torrington campus is located on East Main Street (U.S. Highway 202), and is east of Main Street. Students living in the northwestern part of the state can easily access the campus. What students learn in the classroom can be easily transferred to the real-world. Students can quickly develop skills and confidence through campus clinics.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Willimantic - The Willimantic campus is conveniently located in the Tyler Square business plaza on Main Street (Connecticut Routes 32/66). If you live in Northeastern Connecticut, you will find it easy to get to and from campus. Here, you can gain practical experience and industry exposure. Your training is designed to prepare you for the professional workplace in as little time as possible.

    There are a number of benefits in attending one of Marinello’s Cosmetology schools in Connecticut, like training in modern facilities, classroom schedules that offer flexibility, assistance from Career Services and financial aid to pay for college. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.


    Contact Marinello Schools of beauty today and ask about our programs and class start dates.  Or call at 888-434-6989. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Find out how Marinello Schools of Beauty can help you prepare for future success.


  • Best Cosmetology Schools in Kansas

    There are a number of quality cosmetology schools in Kansas that provide career-focused training for a satisfying career in the beauty industry. Students who attend and graduate from Marinello Schools of Beauty can gain the practical training required for licensure in the cosmetology and esthetics industry.  If you are interested in starting a career that never goes out of style and will always be in demand, cosmetology training could be just what you need to lay the groundwork for future success.


    Career opportunities


    With Marinello training and your own standard of excellence and proficiency, there are numerous possible entry-level career opportunities that await you. Many employers value the rigorous classroom and practical training that Marinello  students receive. As a result, Marinello students are highly sought-after upon graduation. And depending on your coursework and ongoing job placement assistance offered by Career Services, there is an entire world of exciting career opportunities that may await you.  Just imagine:


    • Owning or managing a beauty salon.  Imagine running a beauty salon or branching out to run your own business.
    • Becoming a makeup artist or hair stylist. Gain a skill that will always be in demand.
    • Finding your calling in the glamorous entertainment industry. Become a hairstylist, manicurist or makeup artist.
    • Becoming a beauty industry sales representative. Enjoy flexible income and a professional career.
    • Starting a career as a beauty instructor.  What better way to give back than to help others prepare for an exciting career in cosmetology?
    • Getting paid to travel as a hairstylist aboard a cruise ship. There’s lots of glamor and excitement in being able to travel to exotic and fun places–all while getting paid.

    Chances are, there’s a Marinello cosmetology schools in Kansas that is near you.


    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Lawrence – Marinello’s Wichita campus is ranked high among the leading cosmetology schools in Lawrence. Our campus is located at the Southern Hills shopping center, W. 23rd Street at Ousdahl Road. Here, you can develop your talent and prepare for an exciting new career as a beauty professional.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Manhattan – Marinello’s Manhattan campus offers training in a convenient location that offers easy access from students from different parts of the state. Our Manhattan campus is located at Poyntz Avenue and is east of North 6th Street.  The training you receive at Marinello is comprehensive and prepares you for the workplace.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Overland Park – The Overland ark campus is Kansas City’s premier cosmetology  school. Located at the corner of W. 103rd Street and Mastin Street, the campus offers convenient access from the entire Kansas City metro area.  As the second most populace city in the state, Overland Park offers numerous opportunities for graduates to pursue professional hairstylist careers.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Topeka – Our Topeka  campus is located at the White Lakes Shopping Center, SW Topeka Blvd. at SW 37th Street. Students train in a friendly and supportive environment with instructors who are determined to help each student succeed.
    • Best Cosmetology Schools in Wichita – The Wichita Kansas campus is located at the corner of S. Rock Road and E. Harry Street. Wichita’s large population provides a large client base for our students to work with.

    Attending one of Marinello’s cosmetology schools in Kansas means you can benefit from powerful technical training and learn from your own practical hands-on experience. You can train in superior facilities, choose from flexible class schedules, benefit from career guidance and receive financial aid. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.


    Contact Marinello Schools of beauty today and ask about our programs and class start dates.  Or call at 888-434-6989.  Get started today and train for an exciting new career in the beauty industry.



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