• Benefits of getting a post-event massage

    Marathons and other high-impact and grueling sports events cause a lot of strain on the body. If you're considering enrolling in massage therapy school, you may know that athletes use massage for several reasons. Many sports therapists recommend massages before, between and after major sports events to help the body perform better and recover f(Read More...)

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  • Are you ready for Movember?

    It's time for Movember, the annual phenomenon that has men around the world growing mustaches throughout the whole month of November. If you're considering becoming a barber, you've probably heard of Movember and its cousin No-Shave November, but did you know Movember's more than just a viral trend? Take a look at what Mov(Read More...)

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  • Your complete guide to No Shave November

    If you're interested in enrolling in barber training school, you may have noticed a startling number of guys with extravagant facial hair over the last few Novembers. That's because November is no longer just the month of Thanksgiving and Veterans' Day, it's now celebrated by men growing out their beards and mustaches for charity du(Read More...)

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  • Tips for keeping skin youthful as you age

    If you're considering becoming an esthetician you probably already know that products and salon services that have anti-aging effects are some of the most popular in the beauty industry. Understanding different ways to keep skin looking youthful can be beneficial for people who are interested in esthetics training, so take a look at these (Read More...)

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  • Try a spray tan for color that lasts all year long

    By this point we all know how dangerous tanning beds can be for your skin's health, but that doesn't mean you're left with no fake tanning options at all. Spray tans are a great option for a safe glow that lasts all year long. Here's what you can do before, during and after your spray tan for a long-lasting glow:Before the tanTake c(Read More...)

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  • Using massage therapy to fight negative energy

    If you're considering going into a massage therapy training program, you likely already understand many of the benefits of massage therapy. Massage has many health benefits, including relieving pain and helping to regulate some bodily functions. Historically though, cultures have even used massage therapy as a way to expel negative en(Read More...)

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  • Plan a girls weekend this holiday season

    If you're looking for a break from your daily office grind over the holidays, a quick girls' weekend may be just what you need. Whether you choose to stay local or go for a weekend jaunt to a warmer climate, girls' weekends are a great way to take a break from life, and get a little silly with the women in your life. Take a look at thes(Read More...)

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  • 5 tips for planning the perfect fall wedding

    Summer weddings are so last year ... now it's all about the fall weddings! Autumn really is a beautiful time of year. The air is a little crisper and cooler, colorful leaves adorn the trees and sprinkle their way across the ground, and pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavors complement the season perfectly. Really, who wouldn't want to(Read More...)

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  • Use makeup to create the perfect zombie look for Halloween. How to: Do the perfect zombie makeup

    Halloween is fast approaching, so if you're trying to find a costume in the 11th hour, look no further. The creators of AMC's "The Walking Dead" recently made a video tutorial on how to do makeup to become one of the titular characters in their series. Here are some of the tricks that they and other zombie make up artists use to transform people into the gruesome undead:

    What you'll need

    • Costume makeup in white, blue, green, red and yellow
    • Liquid latex
    • Tissues or uncooked instant oatmeal
    • Dark eye shadow and pale face powder
    • Fake blood

    How to zombify

    1. Pale out your face by blending white makeup or pale foundation onto your skin. 
    2. Use your liquid latex to create any number of gory bites and wounds. Apply liquid latex with a cotton swab, blotting the wounded area to create texture, then blasting it with a blow dryer for 1 to 2 minutes for small wounds. Once dry, use dark and red makeup to create the appearance of an infected and bloody injury. Blend blue, yellow and red costume makeup into the surrounding area to create a bruised look – keep the makeup dark near the wound and gradually lighten it until it blends into the surrounding skin. You can do this for however many wounds you want on your face, neck and arms. 
    3. Use facial tissues or uncooked oatmeal to create the look of rotting skin on your face with liquid latex. Apply a thin layer of the liquid latex then the wrinkled tissue on top of it, or mix oatmeal into the latex before applying and dry with a blow dryer. Use costume makeup to make the textured area look gory and rotted, and blend it into your pale base makeup.
    4. Use dark eye shadow under the eyes and below cheekbones to make your face look sunken and haunted, and finish with pale powder all over (except on open sores).
    5. Use your green makeup in small areas for a diseased skin effect. 
    6. Apply fake blood sparingly. You don't want to overdo it and ruin the rest of your makeup, but use a sponge or paintbrush to apply it inside and around wounds and smear it on the arms. You can buy fake blood at costume stores or easily make it using water, corn syrup, corn starch and food coloring. 

    Optional zombie makeup tips

    • Use pre-made gelatin, latex or foam prosthetics before you apply your makeup, and blend the rest of your makeup around them. You can find prosthetics at some Halloween stores and online that look like exposed bones or gruesome bites to apply to your face and body. 
    • Find creepy zombie contact lenses to make your eyes look extra scary. 
    • Use conditioner or oil in your hair to make it greasy, as if you've been dead for weeks. 
    • Black out some of your teeth to make your mouth look rotten. 

    Add some ripped up clothes and quality zombie acting, and you'll be ready to make trick-or-treaters shudder! If you're interested in learning makeup and hair tips and techniques used by working professionals, consider enrolling in cosmetology training

  • Here are some fun and creative nail designs to try this Halloween. Top 5 Halloween nail designs

    From head to toe, you can incorporate Halloween into all aspects of your style! Learning the basics of nail art is only one the skills that you will experience when enrolled in a nail school. With the basics and your own natural talent you can create spooky designs on your nails. Here are some of our favorites:

    Frankenstein nails
    Not only is Frankenstein's monster an iconic Halloween figure, but green and black just happen to go so well together. To get Frankenstein nails:

    • Paint all of your nails with two coats of a lime green- or chartreuse-colored polish. 
    • With black polish, draw lines across your whole nail using a small brush or toothpick both vertically and horizontally.
    • Add crosshatches along the lines to give it the look of stitches, then let dry.

    Black cat nails
    Kitty lovers who aren't superstitious will find this nail design to be purr-fect! Here's how:

    • Paint all of your nails with two coats of white polish for a base.
    • Using black polish, paint a half-circle along the tips of your nails – you can opt to apply this to all fingers or make certain nails stand out (we recommend the ring fingers).
    • Using a thinner brush or toothpick, draw two triangles above the half circle to create the ears.
    • With another thin brush, apply two dots in bright green or gold to the center of the black half-circle for the eyes, then add smaller dots in black for the cat's pupils.
    • If you want, you can also apply smaller pink triangles to the ears and a small pink dot under the eyes for the nose.

    Blood spattered nails
    For a more gruesome look, design a blood spattered look on your hands:

    • Apply two coats of a base in a shade of gray.
    • Once the base is dry, dot blobs of red nail polish at the tips of your fingers at various points.
    • Connect the dots together using curved short strokes.
    • You'll also want to make sure that the tips of your nails are lined in red, so it looks like the blood is dripping down from the top of them.

    Candy corn nails
    Got a sweet tooth? Show it off with this candy corn design:

    • Start by applying a base coat of white to all of your nails.
    • Paint an orange strip two-thirds of the way up the nail.
    • Last, paint the top third of your nail is a bright yellow stripe.

    Jack Skellington nails
    Fans of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" will delight in painting their nails to resemble the pumpkin king himself, Jack Skellington:

    • Apply a base of white to all of your nails.
    • For all nails but the ones on your ring finger, apply vertical stripes in black polish.
    • On the ring fingers you'll draw a skeleton face – for this we recommend a thinner brush or toothpick.
    • Draw two black circles at the base of the nail, then add to smaller dots below for the nose.
    • For the mouth, paint a curved line across the tip of your nail, then add small vertical lines (like the stitches for Frankenstein).

  • Consider one of these great costumes to be the hit of your Halloween party. Top 6 male Halloween costumes

    Have you decided that this is the year you'll win the costume contest at the Halloween party? Then it's time to start planning!

    For some spooky inspiration, consider these six popular costumes for men for this year's monster bash:

    1. Superman/Clark Kent: Comic book lovers will enjoy this classic costume option. Enter the party as nerdy journalist Clark Kent and when the moment is right, reveal yourself to be your superhero alter-ego Superman. To get the look you'll need a button down shirt over a superman T-shirt and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses. To get Superman's hair, you'll want to secure your hair in place with gel, and if it's a little longer on the top, you can leave out a little curl in the front center as was seen in some of the Superman cartoons.

    2. Pirate: Though it's been a while since Captain Jack Sparrow has been on the silver screen, the pirate costume continues to be popular. You can opt to be a specific pirate like Jack, Captain Hook or Blackbeard, or you can simply be a sea scoundrel. To complete your pirate look, be sure to include a three-corner hat, boots, a vest and a belt. Pirates are known for the long locks so pick up a wig if you style yours short.

    3. Ghostbusters: Celebrate the 1980s by dressing up as a Ghostbuster. The costume is simple enough – you'll need khaki coveralls on which you can apply the Ghostbuster logo, and don't forget your proton pack so you can zap those ghosts. 

    4. Mr. Gatsby: Literary fans will have no trouble pin pointing your costume if you dress as Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1920s novel "The Great Gatsby." To embody the Mr. Gatsby, you'll want to don a white linen suit with a shirt and tie in contrasting colors. You should also part your hair to the side and give it a little swoop on the top, according to Popsugar. 

    5. 'Duck Dynasty' cast member: This family has gotten a lot of attention for their impressive beards and duck calls. Their popularity makes for a great and simple costume. To emulate one of the family members, it helps if you have long hair and a beard – but don't fear – that's why they make wigs. Tie a patriotic bandana around your forehead and dress yourself up in basic working clothes – jeans and a shirt with a color, or you can opt for camo if you're pretending to go duck hunting.

    6. Lone Ranger: This is another classic costume that's sure to never go out of style. Simply dress yourself in a black suit (three-piece if possible), white cowboy hat and wear that sheriff badge proudly. And of course, you wouldn't be the Lone Ranger without your signature black eye mask.

    If you need styling tips for the perfect 'do, barbering school may be right for you!

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