• Tips for taking the perfect selfie

    It may not seem like it, but taking a good selfie is more than just a quick pose, point and click. Avoiding an embarrassing background or unflattering angle actually takes a little bit of planning and preparation. And if you want to create a selfie masterpiece, the preparation is even more important. If you're interested in learning what i(Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 19, 2014
  • The man behind the beard: The evolution of Santa

    If you're interested in enrolling in barbering school, you'll want to stay up to date on the latest beard trends. The most recent beard styles that are making waves across the world, for instance, are festive beard baubles - ornaments that men can hang from their facial hair for the holidays. The beard baubles are the work of several c(Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 19, 2014
  • How to: Rock a retro wardrobe

    Fashions of the past are becoming trendy again, giving women the chance to play around with creating funky personal styles. Many women are loving reappropriating the styles from the 1940s and 1950s to create a glamorous retro look. If you're interested in bringing some vintage style into your look, take a look at this guide for rocking a r(Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 17, 2014
  • Caring for your skin after a facial

    If you're interested in becoming an esthetician, you're likely aware of some of the great benefits of facials. They unclog pores, help remove toxins, and clean the skin so that it's more open to absorbing moisturizers and other products. However, the exfoliating and deep-cleansing done in facials can leave the skin very vulnerable (Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 16, 2014
  • Top holiday-inspired nail designs

    Almost a year after the surprise release of her self-titled album, Beyonce made another surprise release: Her own nail designs! Just in time for holiday season, Beyonce partnered with Los Angeles-based nail company NCLA to create the four new nail decal designs, all inspired by her album. If you love learning about nail art and celebrity nail trend(Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 15, 2014
  • Winter care: Tips for keeping your feet healthy

    The dry winter air can be damaging to skin all over the body - and that includes the feet. Not only are feet vulnerable to dry and cold weather, but they're also constantly wrapped in socks and tight winter shoes, which can cause even more foot issues. Take a look at these ways to keep your feet moisturized and healthy this winter:Wear appropri(Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 15, 2014
  • 10 items men should keep in their gym bag

    If you're thinking about enrolling in barbering school, you may want to get into the habit of working out in the morning to get ready for the busy day ahead. If you do exercise in the a.m., though, you'll want to make sure you have the perfect gym bag full of items that can help you get through your workout then prepare for the rest of the (Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 10, 2014
  • How to transition your day makeup look to night

    If you're considering enrolling in cosmetology courses, you most likely know that there is a pretty big difference between daytime and nighttime makeup looks. Though every woman has a different makeup style, daytime looks - to school or work, for instance - are generally more reserved with subdued colors and a conservative overall appearance. O(Read More...)

    Written by Shelly Simpson on December 9, 2014
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  • Volunteer opportunities for cosmetology school students. How can cosmetology students help their local communities?

    In October, a small group of cosmetology students volunteered for a program called Volunteer Action for Aging in Long Beach, California. The students spent time with a group of seniors at Long Beach Brethren Manor, a retirement home, giving the seniors free haircuts, manicures and pedicures – and everyone had a great time. 

    "It feels rewarding to be able to help out and give back," Reather Henderson, a student of Marinello School of Beauty in Paramount, told the Long Beach Post.

    If you're interested in enrolling in cosmetology courses, you may be wondering how your training could be used to help you give back to others in your community. Luckily, there are many other charities and organizations like Volunteer Action for Aging that enlist cosmetology students and professionals in communities all over the country. Take a look at these great examples of volunteer opportunities for students of cosmetology school:

    Beauty Becomes You Foundation
    The Beauty Becomes You Foundation is based out of Norcross, Georgia, and was founded in 2005 to give seniors access to basic hygiene and grooming services that they might otherwise not be able to afford. The foundation visits local senior care centers to give hair, nail and skin care services to seniors with low or no disposable income. Cosmetology students are encouraged to volunteer for the foundation as hosts and hostesses of the spa days, which is a lot of fun for both students and seniors. Cosmetology students have the opportunity to learn from professionals about how to perform hair, skin and nail care on seniors, and they also get to be a part of giving a very special gift to those who are receiving the services. 

    Look Good Feel Better
    Look Good Feel Better is a nonprofit organization which is partnered with the American Cancer Society to help those who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The foundation holds workshops, events and other volunteer opportunities in cities all over the country, all with the goal of increasing the confidence and quality of life of those who are suffering from cancer.

    According to the foundation's mission statement, "It is our aim to improve their self-image and appearance through complimentary group, individual and self-help beauty sessions that create a sense of support, confidence, courage and community."

    While only licensed beauty professionals can perform services on cancer patients, students and other non-professionals are encouraged to be a part of the emotional and uplifting process. 

    If you're interested in taking part in a Look Good Feel Better beauty session, check out their site to apply as a volunteer. While these are just a couple examples of great volunteer opportunities for cosmetology students, there are many more opportunities across the country, so get involved in your community!

  • Check out some of the most opulent celebrity engagement rings of all time. 5 opulent celebrity engagement rings

    If you're interested in pursuing nail technician training, you can likely guess one of the first things women do after getting engaged: get a manicure, of course! Gorgeous engagement rings look better (if that's even possible) on beautifully manicured hands. Recently engaged women love showing off their ring, so they need their hands and nails to look top notch. If you enroll in nail technician schools you'll learn all about professional nail care, but in the meantime, take a look at five of the most beautiful and opulent celebrity engagement rings – these ladies definitely got manicures to show off their rings:

    1. Kim Kardashian 
    Though controversial, Kanye West did a pretty good job picking out an engagement ring suited to Kim Kardashian's style. The 15-carat diamond ring is estimated to cost upward of $1.25 million, though no one knows the exact price except for West and ring designer Lorraine Schwartz. What everyone is sure of is that the ring is absolutely huge: In January 2014, Kardashian posted a photo to her Instagram of daughter North West holding the ring, which was almost the size of the baby's fist.

    2. Kate Middleton
    The Duchess of Cambridge's ring wins the prize for being the most heartwarming ring on the list, even though it's not as extravagantly pricey in comparison to others. Prince William presented Kate with the beautiful sapphire engagement ring that had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. The sapphire shines with 14 small diamonds encircling it, and though it originally cost about $45,000, it's true value can't be measured in dollars.

    3. Beyonce
    Queen Bey's engagement ring has a whopping 18-carat diamond and cost Jay-Z an estimated $5 million. Jay-Z knew what he was doing when he "put a ring on it:" The diamond's octagon cut and certified near-perfect clarity make it unique and beautiful, and you can bet the hand wearing it is always #Flawless as well. 

    4. Angelina Jolie
    After a years-long relationship, Brad Pitt finally proposed to Angelina Jolie with a 16-carat diamond ring that cost around $250,000. The family man had taken a year to create the ring alongside jewelry designer Robert Procop before his long-awaited proposal in 2012. 

    5. Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring collection is extensive, but a non-engagement ring given to her by Richard Burton goes down in history as one of the most opulent diamonds of all time. Known as the Krupp Diamond, it's over 33 carats and valued at more than $8.5 million. Burton, Taylor's fifth husband, presented the ring to her during their tumultuous first marriage. 

  • Essential beauty and toiletry items to keep in a travel kit. 10 essential items to keep in your toiletry kit

    Whether you're taking a week-long vacation, jet-setting for the weekend or even just spending the night at a friend's, you always want to feel like you're prepared to take care of your basic grooming needs. There's nothing worse than feeling like you've forgotten something important! Having a toiletry kit on hand is a great way to always be prepared no matter where you're going, since you can just stick it in your bag and go. But what items should you make sure to keep in it? Here's a list of ten toiletry and beauty essentials you shouldn't forget to pack in your toiletry kit:

    1. Shampoo and conditioner
    To keep your hair from getting greasy or dirty, make sure you have shampoo and conditioner handy. If you're going somewhere overnight or for a short weekend, you can save space by just bringing a dry shampoo that you can spray on your roots to make them look cleaner and more voluminous.

    2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    Avoid morning breath by keeping a travel toothbrush and toothpaste handy – this is an essential no matter how long you're away!

    3. Face wash
    You never want to go to sleep with makeup on your face, so bring a travel-sized face wash to clean your skin before bed.

    4. Razor and shaving cream
    Stick a disposable razor and a small shaving cream in your kit. They may not seem essential now, but you'll be glad you did when it's time to go out in your best little black dress! 

    5. Deodorant
    Even without access to a shower, deodorant will keep you smelling fresh, so keep a mini stick in your bag. 

    6. BB cream
    BB cream is awesome because it's a lot of products wrapped into one: Most creams have moisturizer, SPF and a tint that will keep your skin even without foundation.

    7. Concealer
    A small concealer stick is perfect for toiletry kits even if it's not your preferred product since it's small and easy to use without having to have a makeup brush.

    8. Cream blush
    Again, you don't want to keep brushes in your makeup bags, so go for a cream blush to add some color to your cheekbones. 

    9. Mascara
    Keep your favorite mascara on hand – even without any other makeup, mascara will make your eyes pop.

    10. Lipstick
    Lastly, keep your favorite shade of lipstick in your toiletry bag. Lipstick is an instant way to add some drama to your look, plus it can double as a cream blush if you run out!

    If you're interested in learning about professional makeup and beauty products and techniques, cosmetology training might be right for you.

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