High School Scholarship

Raw Talent High School Scholarship Awards

Marinello’s 7th Annual 2015 Raw Talent Scholarship Competition

Marinello Schools of Beauty is thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for high school seniors with raw talent who desire professional skills training to enter the beauty and wellness industry.

We encourage high school seniors to enter our Raw Talent Scholarship Competition as an opportunity to earn a Marinello education so they can pursue their dream career in the beauty and wellness industry!


A total of thirty-one (31) scholarships will be awarded as follows:

1. One Marinello Grand Prize that will cover full tuition, books and kit. (Approx. value of $22,000)

2. One of each of the following scholarships:

  • 1st place scholarship for $4,000
  • 2nd place scholarship for $3,000 (Donated by Wella/Sebastian)
  • 3rd place scholarship for $1,000

Will be awarded in each of the following regions:

  • Southern California South Region
  • Southern California Central Region
  • Southern California East Region
  • Southern California Valley Region
  • Northern California Bay Area/Peninsula Region
  • Northern California Central Valley Region
  • Desert Region (Including Reno)
  • Mountain Region
  • New England Region
  • Kansas Region


We are accepting Applications NOW! All competing high school seniors MUST complete the RAW Talent Application. Click here to apply.


The following process and rules will apply to enable the Scholarship Committee to consider the winners:

  • The “hands on” competition is scheduled to begin April 6, 2015, and run through April 27, 2015. (The specific competition day will be determined by the Marinello School Director.)
  • Candidates interested in the Cosmetology program will be performing a formal “updo” hairstyle – (Wedding/Prom/Special Events).
  • Candidates interested in the Esthetician program will perform full makeup.
  • The Marinello School Director or designate will take before and after photographs (according to the guidelines) of the participants’ work.
  • For Cosmetology/Hair, photos taken at the campus will show these 5 views of the “before” and the same 5 views of the “after”:
    1. Front
    2. Right side
    3. Left side
    4. Back
  • For Makeup, photos taken at the campus will show these 3 views of the “before” and the same 3 views of the “after”:
    1. Front
    2. Right side
    3. Left side
  • Judging is based on the photographs and will only be on the final look, not the process. Model releases are required. The before and after photographs will be reviewed and judged by the Corporate Scholarship Committee to determine awards.
  • All photos and any videos become the property of Marinello Schools of Beauty and will not be returned to the applicant.

Scholarship WINNERS will be announced June 1, 2015.

Winners who accept the Raw Talent scholarship must start a Marinello program by September 2015, or they will lose eligibility for the scholarship or award. The scholarship may not be transferred to any other college, university, vocational training program, or to cash. The scholarship will be awarded upon successful completion of the Marinello program that the student attends. Management reserves the right to award the scholarship in its entirety upon enrollment. The scholarship becomes null and void if the student drops or does not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), attendance, or any other criteria that all students are responsible for meeting.

Past winners:

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