Many of your questions about Marinello's Specialty Workshops can be answered here.

Do you offer financial aid for your specialty workshops?

No. This is a short course or workshop; it is not eligible for federal funding.

Do you offer any type of payment plan?

Yes. You can pay 50% of the tuition investment to reserve your space, and pay the balance on the first day of class.

Do you take GI Bills or Pell Grants?

No. These courses are not eligible for federal funding.

Will I be certified after completing a workshop?

Yes. A certificate is awarded to students upon completion of each workshop.

Can I come and take a tour of the school?

Yes. A tour can be arranged by calling 866-622-0335.

What qualifications do the instructors have?

Our instructors have a range of experience. Get to know them here.

What beauty brands or products do you use in your workshops?

For makeup, we use M.A.N Makeup Artists Network based out of Westminster, CA. For airbrushing, we use TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System. For spray tanning, we use South Seas.

When is your next workshop?

For dates, times and locations, click here.

If I have to miss a day in class, how can I make up for it?

It is not recommended that you miss the first day of class as that is when your kit and books will be given to the class participants. Arrangements can be made with the instructor to ensure you receive any information you miss.

How much are the workshops?

Workshop prices can range anywhere between $350-$1,370 tuition investment depending on the type of workshop and length of completion.

Do you have a closer campus; it is too far for me to drive!

Workshops vary by location. Click here to find a location near you.

After I take a class, where am I able to get a job?

Your skill level will play an important part in getting hired. Most employers will require a certificate of completion along with a demo of your work on a model.

Does Marinello help me find a job after completing a workshop?

Our instructors can offer suggestions as to where your skills may be needed in the workplace. A placement program is not offered with our specialty workshops.

Do you offer an apprenticeship program?

No. We do not offer an apprenticeship program.

What will I learn in class?

Please refer to the workshop descriptions here for a comprehensive overview of the workshop content, kits, and tuition investment.


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