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Phase II Makeup: Artistry for Photography Images

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Phase 1: Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry

As a follow-up to our Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry course, Marinello offers an intermediate Expert Makeup Artistry for Photography certification course for students ready to take their beauty skills to the next level. In this five-day makeup class, we will teach you everything you need to know to properly apply makeup for stunning photographic results, including advanced techniques for weddings and special events, men’s grooming, mature skin, and tattoo coverage, as well as a brief introduction to airbrushing. This intermediate makeup workshop culminates in an exciting photo shoot where you will create a camera-ready look for a real photographer! Our makeup kit and airbrushing machine are both included in the tuition, so you will complete the program with all of the basic supplies you need to put your new skills in practice.

Workshop Features:

• Advanced knowledge in makeup techniques
• Introduction to airbrushing
• Building your professional portfolio


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