CIDESCO Program for Licensed Estheticians

If you are interested in advancing your career in the skin-care industry and already have at least three years of professional experience as a licensed Esthetician, you may qualify for Marinello Schools of Beauty Post-Graduate CIDESCO program.

This self-study program allows CIDESCO candidates to go through the same curriculum full-time students must complete, but at their own pace.

Once students have completed the curriculum, they must register for the CIDESCO prep and exam week. The prep portion of the week includes five days of review and instruction by a Marinello CIDESCO certified instructor. This is followed by two days of written and practical exams administered by CIDESCO examiners.

Why should I get CIDESCO certified at this point in my career?

    World-wide recognition – The esthetics industry worldwide recognizes CIDESCO as the highest standard of skin-care training and education.
    Career advancement – Comprehensive knowledge and training of spa and medical treatments qualify CIDESCO diplomats for many more career opportunities.
    Travel opportunities – Learn techniques from around the world and you could travel while you pursue a career you are passionate about.
    Higher earning potential – The most prestigious skin-care certification is highly regarded worldwide and will put you among the elite in beauty therapy industry.

At Marinello, we have always been proud to offer top-notch instruction. When you are enrolled in our fully approved CIDESCO program, you will work with international quality teachers in a modern school environment. Our graduates are prepared to show proficiency with spa and electrical equipment. You will get extensive hands-on training to help take your career in the health and beauty industry to the next level.

CIDESCO l The Next Level of Skin-Care Education

"My experience at Marinello was amazing. Thanks to everything I learned there I was working in a salon 2 weeks after I graduated

- Moni M.
Marinello North Hollywood Campus


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