Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

  • Jesus "Jesse" Guevarra, age 44, hails from the Philippines. His parents wanted him to go to med school, where he majored in psychology. For ten years he worked in that field. Alas, psychology was not his passion. At heart, he knew he was an artist...

    Jesus “Jesse” Guevarra
    Seaside Campus, CA

    Carmel Kalisky worked in the corporate accounting industry for many years — until 2009, when she was laid off. In that year, Carmel was faced with the challenge of being a single mother without any income. Receiving minimal support from her child’s...

    Carmel Kalisky
    Concord Campus, CA

    Growing up in a family of five brothers and sisters — I was the sixth child — wasn't as easy as it seemed. At the age of two, I lost my mother to ovarian cancer, and my father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. By the time I was seven...

    Veronica Sanchez
    Henderson Campus, NV

    If you followed’s RAW hair show competition
    in June, you certainly know that the P&G Salon Professional Team ICAN captured First Place. But did you know that there’s a Marinello connection? Yes, indeed: Seaside campus graduate...

    Katie Woods
    Seaside Campus, CA

    My first impression of the Reno campus was exactly how it should have been. I walked in and received a nice welcome from the receptionist, and right there I was comfortable. Then, as I was waiting for an advisor...

    Cheyanne Birchall
    Reno Campus, NV

    As I requested, God inspired me with a vocational and educational aspiration. I was to be a hairdresser. When the idea first occurred to me, it seemed as lofty and ungrounded as any other achievement listed on my resume...

    Lewis Martinez
    Redding Campus, CA

    Abby Harrison enrolled at the San Francisco campus and quickly proved to be an exceptional student. “From day one, I knew that Abby would be successful in this industry,” explains Naomi Lucente, Director...

    Abby Harrison
    San Francisco Campus, CA

    Chelsey Shrum saw one of our television ads, and decided right then to pursue her passion for hair coloring. She began the Cosmetology program at the Napa campus in June 2011 and immediately faced her biggest challenge: commuting...

    Chelsey Shrum
    Napa Campus, CA
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