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Layton experiences a whopping 226 sunny days in a year. When there's so much sunshine without enough accompanying humidity, it can deplete your skin of its moisture and make it dry. The intense heat from the sun is also responsible for causing dryness in hair. What you need is to give plenty of care and attention to your hair and skin to reverse the impact of over-exposure to the sun.

Come to Marinello for affordable beauty services. If you find taking professional help for regular skin and hair care too expensive, we have good news for you. We're a beauty training school and offer a whole gamut of personal care services at incredibly low prices at our Student Salon & Spa in Layton, Utah.

Beauty services offered at Marinello, Layton: The services at our Student Salon & Spa in Layton are performed by our students, who are fully capable of handling a wide range of beauty treatments and applications. Whether you need a simple facial or a more advanced skincare treatment to rejuvenate your skin, our students will take care of all your requirements. You can also choose from our basic and advanced hair care services, so your hair looks as good as it feels.

While you're at our Layton Student Salon & Spa, we recommend trying our manicures/pedicures or our range of special scrubs and wraps.

Your encouragement and patronage will provide our students some valuable real-world salon experience, which combined with their talent and enthusiasm, will help them take on the professional world of beauty with confidence.

Schedule an appointment or just swing by and we promise to cater to your beauty needs!

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We only use state-of-the-art products in all of our services:

*Disclaimer: All services are performed by students under the supervision of an instructor.
Price determined by consultation. Service menus, hours, prices and product lines vary by location.

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