Massage therapy has many benefits for strength training.
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If you’re interested in enrolling in massage therapy training, you probably know that massage can benefit the body in many ways, from fighting health problems like headaches and joint pain to reducing emotional problems like anxiety and stress. Massage therapists target the soft tissue of the body, meaning the muscles, so it’s no wonder that massage can also be very beneficial for those who are interested in strength training and body building. Here are a few benefits massage can have for people who strength train:

Improves flexibility
Flexibility is important in strength training because it increases a person’s range of motion and balance, and it also decreases the likelihood that a strength trainer will sustain injury. Massage stretches the muscle fibers in various ways, which makes them a lot more flexible when done regularly. Strength trainers should also pair massage with stretching before and after workouts because the more flexible their muscles are, the more likely they’ll be able to perform the exercises with the proper form, which makes workouts more effective.

Heals after injuries
Massage can also be extremely beneficial in the event a bodybuilder or strength trainer sustains an injury during their workout. Weightlifters are prone to muscle injuries like strains, tears and pulls, which can be helped by massage no matter how severe. When massage therapists work on a person’s muscles, they actually increase circulation of blood and oxygen to the area, which promotes faster healing. The circulation also removes unnecessary toxins and waste from the muscle tissue, leading to a much quicker recovery.

Even the basic soreness that comes with building muscle during workouts can be improved by massage. Intense weightlifting causes miniscule tears to the muscle fibers, which are the reason muscles are sore after exercising. Regular massages will keep muscles clear of toxins and well nourished, which will diminish that pain.

Enhances performance
A weightlifter’s basic performance can improve after massage therapy sessions for a number of reasons, not just flexibility and increased circulation. Massage can release tension and even help strength trainers become more relaxed during their workouts which can make them more effective. Massage also improves sleep, which is mentally and physically restorative. Most fitness experts agree, better sleep leads to better workouts.

If you’re interested in learning more about professional massage, including deep tissue massages that are beneficial for weightlifters, consider enrolling in massage therapy school.

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