You’re going to get a lot of fantastic tips from the Career Services department at Marinello.  There, you’ll have access to seasoned professionals who can share valuable knowledge and experiences. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to craft your portfolio, how to conduct yourself during your interview, what to bring and tips on what to wear.


Here’s what you should bring to your interview:


  • Research and Knowledge – Research the salon where you hope to get hired. Learn about the salon’s history, their customers, pricing, services and most importantly why you think you’ll be a good fit.
  • An Up-to-Date Resume – Make sure your resume is typed and organized neatly. Career Services can help you write a strong cover letter and resume.
  • An Up-to-Date Portfolio – A portfolio is a perfect way to showcase your skills and show how organized you can be. Career Services can help you get organized and may have special suggestions in addition to the following: photos that include acrylic pink and whites, photos of nail art, toes, and photos of models whose hair you’ve styled.
  • A Copy of Your Certificates – A copy, that you can leave, of your license or other accreditation or certificates you’ve earned. Certificates may include manufacturer courses of first-aid classes.

What You Should Wear


Wear an outfit that makes you look neat and professional. Polish your shoes and make sure you clothes are clean and spotless. Wear minimal jewelry. Avoid any clothes that will cause a sloppy first-impression. This includes wearing clothes like jeans, short skirts (if female), or low-cut blouses. Guys: Avoid wearing wrist wraps or stamps. If you have a need to constantly pull up your pants during a salon tour, you’re wearing the wrong pants or you’re in need of a belt. If your boxers are showing, you may be shown the door. Shut off your cell phone ten minutes before your interview.


It’s okay to dress on the trendy side. Employers just want to make sure that you’ll make a positive impression on customers. If you’re in doubt, arrive at your interview with a conservative look.


Practice Makes Perfect


Practicing bad habits won’t make you perfect. It’ll just make you good at being “bad”. Career Services can help you develop good job-search tactics. You’ll be able to make a positive impact when it comes time for the real thing. Mock interviews can provide an excellent opportunity to work through any nervous jitters. Mock interviews can also provide support to help you perfect your non-verbal clues, like your handshake, eye contact and posture. Instructors, family members and friends can also help you prepare for your interview.


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