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Marinello Schools of Beauty’s goal is to transform our students’ dream into a professional reality. Through our education, we strive to instill pride in our graduates and we aim to be the leading employment source for the beauty and wellness industry.

The salon and spa industry is a vibrant and growing component of the U.S. economy, with more than 974,000 total establishments and annual sales of more than $40 billion.

Marinello Graduates and Alumni

Marinello Schools of Beauty alumni belong to an elite group of graduates that spans over a 100 years in beauty education. Marinello is well-recognized and respected in the beauty and wellness industry. We are proud of our alumni and honored that they choose to remain actively involved with us after graduation.

Need a New Job? We Want to Help! Email us your name, contact information, campus location and year of graduation at careerserviceshelp@marinello.com.

Sharpen your skills and expand your service menu through Marinello’s short-term certification makeup, skin and nail programs. Click here for class time, schedules and costs.

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  • Be a judge for student competitions
  • Be guest speaker
  • Advisory Board member
  • Conduct a demonstration of your skills
  • Participate in a career-related event

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Hire a Marinello Graduate

Hiring a Marinello graduate can be a rewarding experience. We are one of the leaders in the beauty education field for more than 100 years. Our students learn in both a classroom and salon setting environment which is what gives our students an edge when it comes to customer service. Have an opening? We’d like to help fill it.


Our Partners

We found that JC Penney, P&G, SportClips and SuperCuts tend to hire many of our Marinello graduates for entry-level positions.


Contact Information

"The instructors are very supportive and mean well with their critiques. The teaching that they do is excellent. They are straight forward & understanding.By the way, they placed me with a job as soon as I got my license. Exactly 2 days later."

- Kayla W.,
Marinello Cathedral City Campus

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