WHEN IS THE Application Deadline for International Students?

Marinello has rolling admissions, which means there are many start dates throughout the year. Therefore, there is not one specific deadline. However, please do not wait until the last minute to apply to Marinello since it can take 2-3 weeks to process your application.

Does Marinello require International Students to submit a TOEFL score?

No, but Marinello does require that you are proficient in English because all Marinello classes are taught in English.

Do you offer housing options?

No. Marinello does not offer student housing. However, organizations are available that can assist you, including Universal Student Housing. Please visit their website at www.ushstudent.com if you would like more information.

Do I have to attend school full-time?

Yes.  The United States government requires all international students to attend school full-time while on the M-1 Visa.

Will I be able to transfer credits from a school in my country?

No.  Marinello is a non-degree granting institution.  Credits from other schools are not transferable to Marinello.

What is the M-1 Visa?

The M-1 Student Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign students wishing to pursue vocational or non-academic studies, other than language training, to enter into the United States.

Do non-immigrants need a visa to become a student in the United States?

Yes, most non-immigrants need a student visa. The exceptions are those who are exempt from visa requirements or are already in the United States and plan to file for a change of status.


Visas can only be obtained outside the United States. After receiving a Form I-20 from a school, the prospective non-immigrant must apply to the local consulate or embassy for a visa appointment and interview. The SEVIS I-901 fee must be paid prior to the interview. As part of the visa application process, an interview at the embassy or consular section is required for visa applicants from age 14 through 79.

What is an I-20?

The Form I-20 is an official U.S. government form. A prospective non-immigrant student must have a Form I-20 issued by an SEVP-certified school in order to become an M-1 student.

Only an SEVP-certified school can issue a Form I-20 to students that have been accepted for enrollment. It acts as proof of acceptance and contains the information that is needed to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee, apply for a visa or change of status, and admission into the United States.

The Form I-20 has the student’s unique SEVIS identification (ID) number on the upper right hand side, directly above the barcode. SEVIS ID numbers are an N followed by 9 digits.

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