Student Success Stories

Jesus “Jesse” Guevarra

Seaside Campus, CA

Jesus “Jesse” Guevarra, Seaside Campus, CA

Marinello bridged the gap to my success. It gave me hope to pursue my field of endeavor.

Jesus "Jesse" Guevarra, age 44, hails from the Philippines. His parents wanted him to go to med school, where he majored in psychology. For ten years he worked in that field.
Alas, psychology was not his passion. At heart, he knew he was an artist. As a child, Jesse did the housemaid’s hair and makeup for fun! He also loves to draw, and even entered painting competitions while in college.

Although he wanted to attend art school, he considered himself too old. Instead, Guevarra has found solace in the art of cosmetology at Marinello Seaside. He soon proved himself a master at hair tattooing, and even placed in several makeup competitions — all while maintaining an admirable 99% attendance rate.

Jesse believes in the Marinello product: No matter what was going on in his life, he never lost sight of his goal. He often assisted his peers with haircut designs, and is well-liked by fellow students and staff.

Guevarra’s family owns a three-chair barbershop. As much as he loved the business, he couldn't work there for lack of a license. That all changed this May: He graduated on the 3rd, and received his license on the 17th. You’ll now find him busy, confident and pleased at “The Haircut” salon in Northridge Mall, Salinas.

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