Student Success Stories

Veronica Sanchez

Henderson Campus, NV

Veronica Sanchez, Henderson Campus

It was the most amazing experience I have ever had!

Growing up in a family of five brothers and sisters — I was the sixth child — wasn't as easy as it seemed. At the age of two, I lost my mother to ovarian cancer, and my father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. By the time I was seven, injecting insulin into my father was nothing new to me; I knew I had to grow up quicker than I thought.

But that never took away from me still wanting to play salon with my childhood friend. Her long, curly hair fascinated me so much. I loved the texture of it and how it bounced when you'd extend it. My wavy hair was nothing compared to hers. I also loved painting my nails, drawing cute smiley faces, or heart figures, on my nail beds. It was something I could do that allowed me to express myself. It wasn't too long until I grew out of it. When my father began his dialysis treatments for kidney failure, I knew everything was going to change.

High school came along and I developed anxiety; it was too much for me to be around so many people. I distanced myself from peers as much possible. I began to hang out with the wrong crowd. Ditching school was so easy for me; I did it constantly without getting caught. Sneaking out at night, going to house parties, even getting into fights —with rivals who had once been my friends — were some of things that I started doing. I became the person I was trying to avoid. During those years I faced many bad experiences. Death became something normal to me. People were dying all around me: some I knew, others I didn't. It was just life's way of saying that nothing lasts forever.

I knew I had to straighten up. I returned to school, taking after school classes to catch up on my credits. In 2009 I walked across that stage with my cap and gown, wearing the biggest smile I had had all year! At that moment I knew the career I wanted to get into. Considering all the artistic skills I had with colors and symmetry, I knew that beauty school was something I wanted to do.

I began going to Marinello in 2010; it was the most amazing experience I had ever had! I met people of different nationalities and ages, and with different life stories and reasons for being there. None of it really mattered, because in the end we all had something in common: a dream we were striving for. The instructors were all amazing, but there were two that I have always kept in mind: Ms. Lea and Mrs. Cynde. The true definition of school moms, they helped every single student, whether it was a group assignment or one-on-one. They never had any of the students miss out on any modules. I highly respect them for the time and effort they put into being a Marinello instructor, and they are the reason that I became successful in my career.

I am now working in a high-end salon, Joleon Salon and Day Spa, in Henderson, Nevada. I have been given every position available: stylist, makeup artist, even esthetics. I've improved so much on every skill, but I know I wouldn't have been able to if I hadn’t have chosen Marinello Schools of Beauty.

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