Student Success Stories

Lewis Martinez

Redding Campus, CA

Lewis Martinez, Redding Campus

The more I thought about being a hairdresser, the more I realized the many benefits.

As I requested, God inspired me with a vocational and educational aspiration. I was to be a hairdresser. When the idea first occurred to me, it seemed as lofty and ungrounded as any other achievement listed on my resume. It was as foreign to my background as chalk is to cheese. It didn't make sense. The more I thought about being a hairdresser, the more I realized the many benefits.

I realized that every time I envisioned myself as a hairdresser, it gave me joy and inspiration, something I hadn't experienced in a very long time. I picked up the phone and called Marinello School of Beauty in Redding. There I met Mrs. Vonda Hudson, Senior Admissions Advisor. As I toured the school with her, I was thrilled at the opportunity to succeed in a new and happier life. I enrolled that very day. From the very first time we spoke on the phone Mrs. Hudson has always been kind, professional, courteous, respectful and supportive of me, as I have seen her do with all students, without exception.

She didn't just enroll me into Marinello, she saw to it that I succeed. While training at Marinello, I learned much more than the technical aspects of cosmetology. I was taught what it means to be a better person.

These realizations are key to my continued recovery and salvation as a human being. These will be my strength as a hairdresser.

My outlook on life has improved significantly as my attitude has changed. I can make a difference in someone's life again as I no longer feel bankrupt. My success is not in my achievements; rather, it comes from a better place. I am truly a blessed man.

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