Student Success Stories

Abby Harrison

San Francisco Campus, CA

Abby Harrison, San Francisco Campus

The skills that I learned at Marinello have helped me more than I could ever explain.

Abby Harrison enrolled at the San Francisco campus and quickly proved to be an exceptional student.

“From day one, I knew that Abby would be successful in this industry,” explains Naomi Lucente, Director.

“She had the amazing ability to get through any obstacles that she faced. Her customer service skills were impeccable, and her ability to stay focused was commendable.”

Always willing to help, Abby could be counted on for anything. Whether it was a last minute event or mentoring new freshman students, she was always a team player and ready to serve with a smile.

Abby faced many obstacles while on campus, as many of our students do. “I had some serious financial and living arrangement issues. I live 45 minutes away from school, and it was costing me $180 per month just to get to and from school,” says Abby. “It came to the point where I didn’t feel like I had a choice but to drop from the program in order to get a job.”

Lucente helped Abby update her resume, and within weeks she was employed and able to afford transportation. “Her positive attitude through it all and her constant “I can do this” spirit is what inspired me, and caused me to keep an eye on her for possible employment once she was licensed,” continues Lucente. “I paid attention to her interactions with faculty, staff, fellow students and guests. I have always thought that Abby would be a great addition to our company because of her willingness to help others.”

Abby soon graduated from her program and received her license. Since then, she has “been doing hair and absolutely loving it! The skills that I learned at Marinello have helped me more than I could ever explain. The best part of my training,” she says, “is coming full circle. Just weeks after I became licensed, Miss Naomi asked if I was interested in a part-time receptionist position. I interviewed for the position and I got the job!”

Lucente reveals that Abby “continues to amaze and inspire us on a daily basis. The guests are proud of her as well, as they see that all of her hard work has paid off.”

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